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Tips and Tricks from HCCU

Portion It Yourself

Grocery shopping is fourth on the list of five things Americans spend most of their money on. There’s no need to make your bills even higher by purchasing pre-portioned foods. Buying small bags of chips instead of one family-sized bag, or a single-portion bag of baby carrots instead of a larger one, can sometimes mean you’re paying a markup of 75%! Why do we happily shell out money for pre-portioned foods? The answer is simple: convenience. It’s much easier to take just one serving of chips when the portion’s already been set for you. Beat the system by creating your own servings. Buy the extra-large bags of chips or baby carrots and measure out your own portions into small zippered snack bags. Now, you’ll have all the convenience you need without paying the price.

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Energy Vampires


Lower your electricity bill this month by eliminating all vampire charges. The term, “vampire charges,” refers to all the electricity used by your appliances when they’re plugged in but not in use. This means that – even when your toaster and cellphone charger aren’t being used – they still drain electricity just by being plugged into the socket. It can be annoying to pull out each plug as soon as you’re done with it. But by investing in a smart power strip, you can avoid this purposeless use of energy. A smart power strip will automatically power down any device that is not currently being used. Though the strip will set you back $20-$30, it is well worth it, since it will pay for itself in the savings you gain each month for years to come.

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Winterize Your House

 When the wind turns bitterly cold, take a bite out of your gas bill. Instead of cranking up the heat, try keeping the warmth in by properly winterizing your home. Here are some easy ways:

  • Seal all windows and doors against drafts. According to the US Department of Energy, drafts can waste 5-30% of your energy use.
  • Change your furnace filters once a month.
  • Check your insulation and correct anything that might be inefficient.
  • Replace any old, non-functional windows.
  • If you use a fireplace, consider getting an insert that will direct the heat into your house instead of sending it up the chimney.

Did you prepare your house for winter? Share tips for a cozy home with us!


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