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Fraud Center

“One of our members notified us they had been targeted in this scam. Please be aware that fraudsters are targeting the Helena area with scams involving App Store and iTunes Gift cards.”



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Debit Card Fraud

Helena Community Credit Union is committed to protecting you from debit card fraud by continually improving our fraud prevention and detection measures. We continue to provide our members current information and notices to ensure our fraud prevention is working:

First – We encourage you to use your pin whenever possible. Pin based transactions are less susceptible to fraud than signature based due to the added pass code security. The most common forms of debit card fraud occur when your use your card as a “credit” instead of a “debit”. Using your pin in the best way to protect yourself against fraud.

Second – Do not share your pin with others and keep your card in a safe place at all times.

Third - if you experience problems with your debit card, please contact us right away so that we can ensure you have access to your accounts. Make sure HCCU has good contact numbers for you, in the event they have questions about a transaction against your card.

Fourth – Due to industry provided fraud trends, HCCU often has blocked “signature-based” transactions in selected parts of the U.S. and abroad. These locations can change frequently so it is best to always click the button below if you plan to travel in the near future to see if your destination is listed.  Although "blocking" may be an inconvenience to our members, it is a "best practice" in protecting our member's accounts and identities from fraudulent activities.  If you’re traveling and don’t know your “Personal Identification Number”  aka PIN please request one BEFORE you travel.  It’s a security feature to protect you and the credit union against Fraud Loss.

Please click here for a list of currently blocked states and countries.

Please phone our office (406-443-5400) or email us if you plan on traveling outside of Montana in the event other states have also been blocked.

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