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Savings Accounts

At Helena Community Credit Union, we believe that a Savings Account (or emergency account) is something every family should have. Saving for future purchases or college is also wise. A Savings Account provides a sense of security and offers something to fall back on when unexpected expenses occur. At HCCU we offer a variety of Saving Accounts – one for every member of the family.

Medical Savings Account*

The Medical Savings Account allows members to save for medical expenses; reduce Montana State income Taxes and earn tax-deferred dividends; Program features include: no minimum opening balance, dividends are compounded daily when account balance is $100 or greater and paid monthly; maximum of $3,000 per year in contributions; withdrawals must be for medical expenses as defined by the State of Montana; contributions cannot be deducted from Federal Income Tax Returns; reporting is self administered by the member; account information can be accessed in the branch, online or by phone; funds in the account cannot be used as collateral for share secured loans; statements are available quarterly, monthly when there are electronic transactions or the member has a checking account; no annual requirement that the funds be used during the tax year deposited; unused funds remain in the account for future medical payments and earn interest tax free.

*Individual Ownership Only


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