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Savings Accounts

At Helena Community Credit Union, we believe that a Savings Account (or emergency account) is something every family should have. Saving for future purchases or college is also wise. A Savings Account provides a sense of security and offers something to fall back on when unexpected expenses occur. At HCCU we offer a variety of Saving Accounts – one for every member of the family.

April is national credit union Youth month

Earnosaurus Savings Club

  • Any member age 12 and under.
  • Innitial deposit of $5.
  • Requires parent, grandparent, or legal guardian as a joint owner.

Dividends are compounded daily when the account balance is $25 or greater and paid monthly. To encourage a savings habit, for every $5 the child puts into the account, he/she will receive one Earnosaurus Dollar to buy any of the toys, books or gift cards from the Earnosaurus Store. The maximum number of Earnosaurus Dollars that can be earned per year per account is $240 ($1,200 in deposits).

Putting money in the bank


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